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永辉娱乐场网站·每日新闻播报(December 9)

永辉娱乐场网站,picture shows the michelin logo during the presentation of the new edition of the michelin 2018 restaurant and hotel guide for belgium and luxembourg in gent monday 20 november 2017. [photo/sipa]

chef sues michelin guide


some chefs dream their whole lives of winning a michelin star. but not eo yun-gwon. 有些大厨一辈子都梦想能赢得米其林的一颗星。但eo yun-gwon不是这样的大厨。

the south korean chef is reportedly suing michelin for including his restaurant ristorante eo in their 2019 guide to seoul, saying that he asked them not to.据报道,这位韩国大厨状告米其林无视他的拒绝,将他的餐厅ristorante eo列入《2019米其林首尔指南》。

he is taking action under a south korean law against public insult. 他以韩国法律中的"公开侮辱罪"起诉米其林。

on november 15, eo announced on his facebook page that he had lodged a public insult criminal complaint against michelin travel partner in the seoul central district prosecutor's office the same day. 11月15日,eo在他的脸书页面宣布,他当日已经向首尔中央地区检察官办公室以公开侮辱罪对米其林旅游合作伙伴提出了起诉。

"i have filed a criminal complaint against michelin guide's behavior of forcibly listing [restaurants] against their will and without a clear criteria," he wrote. 他写道:"我已经对米其林指南提出刑事诉讼,控告其违反餐厅意愿强行将餐厅列入美食指南,且没有明确的评判标准。"

"including my restaurant eo in the corrupt book is a defamation against members of eo and the fans. like a ghost, they did not have a contact number and i was only able to get in touch through email. although i clearly refused listing of my restaurant, they included it at their will this year as well.""将我的餐厅eo列入这本烂书是对eo成员和粉丝的侮辱。他们就像幽灵一般没有联系号码,我只好通过电子邮件和他们取得联系。尽管我已明确拒绝,他们今年还是随心所欲地将我的餐厅列入了指南。"

athens philharmonic to make beijing debut on new year's eve. [photo provided to china daily]

music boosts productivity


an experiment on british workers found that listening to classical music at work can improve productivity by 15 percent. 一项针对英国员工的实验发现,在工作时听古典音乐可以让效率提高15%。

british classical music station scala radio and psychologist dr becky spelman set out to determine if background music hurts or hinders workplace efficiency. 英国古典音乐电台scala radio和心理学家贝基·斯佩尔曼博士着手研究背景音乐是否会损害或妨碍工作效率。

four office workers were asked to transcribe two 600-word sets of song lyrics. the first set was transcribed with no music playing, while the other was completed with classical music playing in the background. 四名办公室职员被要求抄写两套600字的歌词,第一套是在没有音乐播放的情况下抄写的,而另一套则是在播放古典音乐的背景下完成的。

the first task, completed in silence, was completed in an average time of 20 minutes and 59 seconds. 第一项在静默中完成的抄写任务,平均完成时间为20分59秒。

however, the second transcription exercise that involved music was completed in an average time of 17 minutes and 42 seconds; a difference of three minutes and 17 seconds, or 15 percent. 而在听音乐时执行的第二个任务平均完成时间为17分42秒,相差3分17秒,即15%。

dr spelman says, "many people find that listening to certain types of instrumental music can help them with their productivity levels. the music can function as a sort of 'white noise', cancelling out potentially distracting ambient noise."斯佩尔曼博士表示:"许多人发现,听某些类型的器乐可以帮助他们提高工作效率,音乐可以起到某种'白噪音'的作用,抵消了环境噪音的潜在干扰。"

a visitor holds a freshly poured brew at the 2019 8x8 brewing project’s craft beer festival at the langyuan vintage creative art zone in beijing, oct 19, 2019. [photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

probiotic prevents hangover


we humans have been looking for an effective way to prevent or at least treat hangovers for a long time, but one silicon valley startup claims to have finally found a way to ease the uncomfortable side effects of drinking. 长期以来,人类一直都在寻找一种有效的方法来预防或至少缓解宿醉,近日硅谷一家初创公司声称终于找到了一种方法来缓解酒后不适。

zbiotics is the world's first genetically modified probiotic. zbiotics是世界上第一款转基因益生菌。

zbiotics founder, zack abbott, a microbiologist, chose bacillus subtilis, a bacteria traditionally used in the fermentation process of soybeans in japan, and genetically altered it to produce an enzyme designed to break down acetaldehyde. zbiotics创始人、微生物学家阿伯特通过对枯草芽孢杆菌(在日本常被用来加速纳豆发酵的一种细菌)进行基因改造,令其产生一种可分解乙醛的酶。

this enzyme is similar to the one produced by our livers for the same purpose, only zbiotics delivers it straight to the drinker's intestines, where it works its magic to prevent the nasty side effects of drinking. 这种酶类似于我们的肝脏为相同目的而产生的酶,只不过zbiotics可将其直接送入饮用者的肠道,在那里发挥神奇的作用,达到预防宿醉的效果。

zbiotics must be ingested before alcohol intake or at least while drinking. one bottle costs between $9 and $12.zbiotics须在饮酒前或起码在饮酒时摄入。一瓶的价格在9-12美元之间。

salads [photo/ic]

going vegan is not more green


scientists warned it is not more environmentally-friendly to go vegan. 科学家警告说,纯吃素并不会更环保。

speaking at a panel in central london, they argued that meat was critical for the physical and mental health of children, and said that moving away from livestock farming would not improve land use. 他们在伦敦市中心举行的一个专题小组讨论会上发言,认为肉类对儿童身心健康至关重要,还表示,放弃畜牧业并不能改善土地使用状况。

professor geoff simm, director of global academy agriculture and food security at the university of edinburgh, said: "often the argument is made that going vegan would minimize land use, and the modeling studies that have been done demonstrate that that's not the case."爱丁堡大学全球农业和粮食安全学院主任杰夫·西姆教授说:"常有人声称,纯素能将土地使用降至最低水平,而已有的模型研究表明,情况并非如此。"

simm also said that meat was an important source of dietary protein, energy, highly bioavailable micronutrients, and was very important for the development of children. 他还表示,肉类是膳食中蛋白质、能量、高生物利用度的微量营养素的重要来源,对儿童发育有着非常重要的影响。

professor mike coffey, from scotland's rural college, added: "it's completely unnecessary to go vegan. if everybody went vegan it would be devastating for the uk environment. animals bred for food help boost biodiversity."苏格兰农村学院的迈克·科菲教授补充说:"纯素完全没有必要。如果每个人都成为纯素主义者,将对英国环境造成毁灭性影响。饲养动物供人食用有助于促进生物多样性。"

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